Padmaavat Box Office Collection Day 5 'Padmavat' tremendous earnings on Monday after the holidays

Padmaavat Box Office Collection Day 5: 'Padmavat' tremendous earnings on Monday after the holidays, Know the collection till now

BusinessVeeru : - Padmaavat Box Office Collection Day 5

 Sanjay Leela Bhansali's controversial film 'Padmavat' has paid Rs 115 crore on its first weekend. Has made fantastic earnings. Rs 31 crore on Sunday The pick-up film has performed well on the first Monday of release. According to trade analyst Ramesh Bala, on Monday, the film's account is worth Rs 15 crore Have come. By collecting 15 crores business on wickers, it is clear that the film has come to the eye of the audience. With this, the total income of the film's domestic box office at Rs 130 crore Has reached.

'Padmavat' has not been released in 3 major states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, despite its film is making huge money. Padmavat has made Rs 5 crore through paid preview, Rs 19 crore on Thursday, 32 crore on Friday, 27 crore on Saturdays and Rs 31 crore on Sunday. The Ovassage collection of the film is breaking collection records. The Worldwide Collection of the film till the weekend is Rs 222.50 crore. Used to be.

'Padmavat' has been released after a lot of ruckus in India. But Deepika Padukone's film is not good in this case in Malaysia. Given the 'Islam and its associated sensitivity', the movie has been stopped in Malaysia. The Malaysian National Film Censorship Board has not given the green signal to release Sanjay Leela Bhansali's grand film in the country. Padmaavat Box Office Collection Day 5.