Paracetamol may be dangerous in pregnancy, know what is harm

                      Paracetamol may be dangerous in pregnancy, know what is harm

Whenever a slight fever or body aches, people use paracetamol. This proves to be very effective in this problem too. But if it is eaten by a pregnant woman it can prove to be very dangerous. Recent research has revealed that women who take paracetamol during pregnancy, the fertility of their child can be greatly damaged. The child may have to face a very serious problem.

This is problem
Scientists of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, for one week, kept the human ovaries in contact with paracetamol in the laboratory that 40 percent of egg cells died. Deli Mail said in reference to researchers that if this effect falls on the uterus, it means that eggs in girls who are exposed to this drug will usually be less. This allows them to get pregnant for only a few years and early menopause can happen.

What do drugs
Medicines such as paracetamol and ibufen interfere with the secretion of hormone prostaglydine E2. This hormone plays an important role in the development of the reproductive system of the embryo. Richard Sharpe, professor of the University of Edinburgh, said, "This research tells the potential dangers of taking paracetamol or ibuphon. However, we do not know about its true effect whether it affects the extent and extent of human health, or how much of it affects the reproductive capacity.