Parliamentary committee told the government, do not privatize Air India

                            Parliamentary committee told the government, do not privatize Air India

A parliamentary committee has told the government that this is not the right time for the disinvestment of the public airline Air India. The committee may also suggest giving Air India at least five years to recover and waive its debt. It is understood that the committee has decided that the decision to sell Air India's stake has been taken on a gradual basis, thereby adversely affecting its financial and operational performance and it has been forced to take loans at a higher interest rate. is. According to the findings of the Standing Committee (Transport, Tourism and Culture), the government should review the decision of privatization or disinvestment of Air India and should look for the option of disinvestment of Air India, symbolized by national pride.

The committee has found that Air India is standing on the spot in disasters, socio-political instability etc. in the country and abroad. He said that Air India has been evaluated and analyzed from just the business perspective by withdrawing all these things from the policy commission. In the revised draft report on the proposed disinvestment of Air India, the committee has said that Air India's financial restructuring plan was for 10 years from 2012 to 2022 and there has been improvement in the company on various scales, it seems that it is recovering. .

The committee said, "After the expiry of the period, the government can evaluate the financial and operational performance of Air India and decide on its basis." After knowing the opinions of all concerned parties, the Parliamentary Committee said, he feels that when Air India has started making profits from operations, then it is not the right time for his disinvestment.

He said that some associate units of Air India such as Air India Air Transport Services Limited, Air India Airport Services Private Limited, Alliance Air and Air India Express are making profits, so they should not be disinvested. The committee said that the debt on Air India was due to the decisions of the Minister of Civil Aviation. As a public company, it should be kept in operation with less governmental control.