PM Modi's sign, will not be 'happy' to everyone, the upcoming general budget

PM Modi's sign, will not be 'happy' to everyone, the upcoming general budget

The coming general budget will not be 'happy' to everyone, in this government will also give direction to economic reforms. PM Narendra Modi gave this indication on Sunday. He clarified that the process of improvement in the Indian economy will continue.

PM Narendra Modi indicated that the upcoming general budget will not be a populist budget. The Government will be on the agenda of reforms, due to which the Indian economy has emerged from the "five major" groups of weaker economies and became the "attractive destination" of the world. In an interview with the news channel 'Times Now', the Prime Minister said, "It is merely a notion that people want free things and discounts.

Asked whether he will avoid making a populist announcement in the budget to be presented on February 1. On this, he said, "It has to be decided that the country needs to grow and be strong or it is to" follow this political culture-the culture of Congress ". Modi said that the common people want the honest government. "The common man does not want a discount or free item ... This (the desire for free stuff) is your fantasy." He said that his government's decisions are to meet the needs and aspirations of the people.

During his interaction, Modi strongly defended his government's economic policies. Regarding GST, he said that his government is ready to implement the suggestion of amendment in the goods and services tax so that it can be made a more efficient system and its flaws are far away.

On being asked about the respect of India's first Prime Minister, who had the opportunity to address the full session of World Summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos, Switzerland, Modi said that it was due to India's progress is. He said, "India has introduced the world to its power, it is natural that the world also wants to know about India and wants to get this information from India directly (from the Government of India) and wants to understand it . "

Modi said that due to clean and clear policies the Indian economy is flourishing and entrepreneurs (investment) are taking risks. India has become an attractive destination for big economic opportunities and global investment.

Asked whether his government will create a populist budget for the last full budget being done before the general elections of 2019, he said that the matter comes under the purview of the Finance Minister and he (Modi) does not want to interfere in this work. He also said, "Those who have seen me as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and the Prime Minister of the country know that ordinary people do not expect such things (populism) ... this is a myth.