Prime Minister Modi's special appeal to investors in Davos


Prime Minister Modi's special appeal to investors in Davos, if he wants peace with prosperity, then come to India.

In the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, PM Modi introduced India's growing global fear by representing India 20 years later. Speaking on all issues of the Prime Minister on the World Economic Forum, it tells us that now India's image has begun to grow on the global platform and it is standing as a strong pillar in front of the world. By the way, PM Modi spoke about many things like terrorism from his speech, climate change, but after finishing the speech, he even invited gestational gestures to invite foreign investors to come to India.

PM Modi challenged the Vaishakas business leaders present there if they want values ​​with Vedas, if you want wellness with wealth, come to India, want wellness (fitness) with sport and peace with prosperity If they want, they will come to India. The Prime Minister said these things by clearly pointing out to the investors that the environment is favorable for doing business with India and investing here.

PM Modi said that our majority is the government. After a long time, crores of voters in India have elected the majority government. We have tried to change the policies of Reform, Performance and Transform. We have made some sort of work easier in India. The result of this is that investing in India, doing business, going for tourism etc have become much easier than before. We are using a lot of technology to increase transparency.

PM Modi said that red tape is being removed in India and red carpet is being laid. In most areas, foreign investment has been approved through automatic route. In the last three years in India, we have worked to remove hundreds of old and useless laws. This is the reason why GST has been implemented in the country to increase transparency, which has been accepted by the people of India.

PM Modi said that now the youth of India are active in contributing to the economy of 5 million dollars in 2025. India's young job seeker will not be a jobguard In this way, in order to lure investors into India, PM Modi gave an arrow through his speech.

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