Red Sparrow Movie News

 Red Sparrow: Dangerous Russian Detective Spreads Dread, This Weapon Has Done In All Nose

 Jennifer Lawrence's film Red Sparrow's trailer has been released. In this Spy Thriller movie, Jennifer Lawrence is in lead role and once again, after showing action in Hunger Games, Jennifer is seen dangerously. The story of the film is very interesting, and its trailer is becoming very viral. Red Sparrow is based on Justin Hath's Novel Red Sparrow. This Spy Thriller has been directed by Francis Lawrence.


Apart from Jennifer in the film, Joel Edgerton, Mathias Schunerts, Jeremy Irons, Mary Louise Parker and Charlotte Rampling are in the lead role. The film is going to release on the day of Holi on March 2. Jennifer Lawrence's film has also been shot in Hungary, Slovakia, Vienna and London. Jennifer Lawrence has played the role of a double agent in the film. They have become a Russian detective who becomes interested in the CIA agent.

The 27-year-old Jennifer Lawrence has kept her identical for films such as the X Man Series, Hunger Games series. She has also won Best Actress Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook (2012). His next film is X-Men: Dark Phoenix. In which they will play the role of mystic like every time.