Reliance Jio launches Android Go smartphone partnership with MediaTek

Reliance Jio launches Android Go smartphone, partnership with MediaTek

Reliance jio has partnered with MediaTek to launch cheap smartphones in the market. On Tuesday, MediaTek covered the partnership with Reliance Jio at an event held in New Delhi. These smartphones will be based on Android Orio (Go Edition). Let's say that Android Orio (Go Edition) alias Android Go is a poor version of Android Oroos, which is designed for a cheap handset. jio and MediaTek's jugalbandi, ready to come, this smartphone is likely to be priced around the phone.

There is no official information about the price and feature of the Android Go based smartphone. In the event, MediaTek said that he has MT 6739 and MT 6580 in the latest chipset, which supports the Android Go platform. Let the chip maker Meditech announce last month that Google had signed an agreement with Google to support Android Orio (Go Editions). The company also said that its budget smartphone will be launched in the global market by the first quarter of 2018. This time may also be for Reliance jio's Android Go phone.

Google announced the announcement of Android Oriya (Go Edition) in India last month. In the event held in New Delhi, MediaTek introduced its Chipset MT 6739, which is capable of delivering features such as Dual Camera, Face Unlock, and Dual 4G VOLETE on Android Orio (Go Edition). Even the new chipset is said to be capable of working better with 512 MB and 1 GB RAM options. In view of these features, it is expected that the user will get the Android Go smartphone in a very low price.

Let us tell you that the race to bring a 'cheap smartphone' includes not only jio and MediaTek but also mobile manufacturers like Micromax, HMD Global. It is reported that Micromax will soon launch the India Go smartphone. The company claims that it will be its first smartphone under Google's Android Orio (Go Edition) program on India Go. There are also rumors about HMD Global that they can launch the Nokia 1 smartphone based on the Android Go device in MWC 2018, which will be held next month.

Why is the Android Go Edition

Actually, Android Go Edition is an optimized version of Android 8.0 Oreio, designed for low cost smartphones. The device that runs on OrioGo will have 15 percent faster startup time. While launching the company, it was said that 50% less storage will be used if the app already installed will be optimized. At the same time, Google says that with an optimization of up to 1,000 additional photos in an average Orio Go device, it can be stored. There will be security features given in the standard version of Orio Go, including Google Play Protect.

The Go Edition device will come with the default Active Data Saver feature. Users will be able to download any app, but there is a new section in it, which includes optimized apps specifically for Go Edition devices, such as Facebook Lite and Flipkart. Google Apps has been optimized to work better with low-end devices. And assistants, gmail, chrome, search, maps, youtube and gboard go version will be preloaded in all oryo go devices.