War on 'Padmavat' do not leave the school bus stop the roadways bus

Sangram on 'Padmavat': Do not leave the school bus in Gurnamgun, do not leave the school bus, stop the roadways bus

A day before the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film 'Padmavat', the protesters staged a protest in several places and the army protested. Karani army workers did not even leave the school bus in Gurgaon. Karani Army activists also attacked a bus of GD Goenka School in Gurgaon and set fire to the bus of Haryana Roadways. The Karan army is against this film and she does not want to release this film. The stone was thrown at the school bus near Bhondi on Sohna Road in Gurgaon. At the same time, the Gurgaon Police has deployed more than 25 people who have spread the violence and have created more than 6 teams to catch the rest.

Parvesh Kumar, driver of the GD Goenka School Bus told that the workers of Karani army suddenly started pelting stones on the bus when children from second to 12 were present in the bus. However, no child has been hurt in this incident. However, when the police arrived at the spot, protesters escaped. A teacher of the school in the bus told that when the demonstrators were throwing stones at the bus, all the children were placed on the floor inside the bus.

On the other hand, Faridabad Police has increased security outside all the multiplexes of Faridabad in view of protest of Padmavat. The police will be deployed outside the theaters daily. In Faridabad, the Padmavat film is being run only in 2 Crown Interior and SRS multiplexes. This information was given by the PR of the Faridabad CP Office.

Earlier, the workers of Karani army near the Bhondasi village in Gurgaon set fire to the bus of Haryana Roadways. In this regard, Gurgaon deputy commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh said that despite the protests going on in Padmavat, bar and pubs will not be closed.

According to the police, a group of activists set fire to the bus of Haryana roadways near Bhondi village on Sohna Road here. A police officer in Gurgaon said, "A bus has been set on fire in this incident." He said that there was no casualties in the incident. Workers who allegedly lied to the Army on the Karani were opposing the release of this film.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, Haryana Director General of Police BS Sandhu had warned the miscreants saying that nobody in the state will be allowed to disturb peace. The police had said that it will provide adequate protection to those cinemas which will be released on January 25.

Many small organizations have threatened to show the film to owners of multiplexes, theater and cinema halls and have alleged that the film has been misplaced by Rani Padmavati. Twenty one January, some unknown chaotic elements in Kurukshetra had demolished shopping malls.