Singapore does not like to go to this country for fun

        Singapore does not like to go to this country for fun

New Delhi: Sri Lanka has prepared a new strategy in view of the increasing number of Indian tourists. Sri Lanka Tourism said on Tuesday that 3,84,628 Indian tourists visited Sri Lanka last year and out of these, 63.7 per cent of tourists were aiming for excursions. Suitas Bala Subramaniam, Managing Director of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, said at the press conference that most tourists in Sri Lanka are Indians. Keeping this in view, the Bureau has set a target to attract 4.40 lakh Indian tourists this year.

50 tourist sites related to Ramayana in Sri Lanka
He said that Indian tourists go mainly to films tourism, marriage and honeymoon, religious tourism etc. He said that besides many historical sites related to Buddhism there are about 50 tourist places connected with Ramayana. Apart from this, Chopati, Vahar Sports, Ayurveda medical tourism etc. are also the main attractions. On this occasion, Sri Lankan Ambassador to India, Chitrangani Wagishwara, citing a survey of Sri Lanka Tourism, said that 63.7 per cent of Indian tourists visiting the country like to go for excursions.

Prefer to spend time in the swimming pool
According to the survey, buying 49.82 percent of Indian tourists, 41.64 percent of the sea bath and 32.74 percent prefer to spend time in the swimming pool. Of the total Indian tourists, 37.01 percent of people prefer to visit historical places while 21 percent prefer wildlife. The survey claimed that 69.1 per cent of the total Indian tourists reported their experiences as pleasurable, while 30.69 per cent said it is satisfactory.

In response to a question, Balasubramanian said that the number of Indian tourists has increased by more than eight percent annually over the last 6-7 years. Among them, the number of North Indian tourists has increased by 42 percent.