So what will really end the world chocolate

                  So what will really end the world chocolate, know what is the whole case

There is no shortage of chocolate candles all over the world. In particular, young people get to see the big craze of chocolate. It is also called for every special event. People also like giving chocolates as gifts. But after a few years, the name of chocolate is going to end the world. Yes, the recent report reveals that by 2050 chocolate production can almost end. Simply put, chocolate is also hit by global warming.

What is the reason
The plant that is made from chocolate is called cacao. Its yield is in a limited area. According to reports, it is cultivated only in areas of 20 degrees north and 20 degrees south. Where there is no fluctuation in temperature. But due to global warming, the temperature is constantly changing. The temperature of the area where it is cultivated is also increasing. That is why it is estimated that due to the ever increasing temperature by 2050, the production of Kakao will be greatly reduced.

Industry will fall deeper
Food and candy company 'Mars' is worried about this change in the climate. In September, the company has given an attempt to reduce its carbon emissions by 60% to $ 1 billion by 2050. Apart from this, 'Mars' is also doing research with the University of California to deal with this problem. If this happens in reality, this would be bad news for the chocolate industry. With this, where the world will have a desire for chocolate, many people will also be in danger.