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              South's superstar, who is comting with Shahrukh Zero, is banging his film's Teaser

 Shahrukh Khan's Zero Teaser is released and Shahrukh Khan is seen in the incarnation of the dwarf. There is ongoing battle between Shahrukh Khan's Zero and South Arun Arjun, who is called the stylish star on YouTube. The teaser of both films has been released yesterday. Ala Arjun's film Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India (Na Peru Surya Na Iloo) is released in the teaser. It has the meaning: My name is Surya, India is my house. While Shahrukh Khan's Zero movie is a story of a dwarf, Alu Arjun is always seen in action incarnation, and is a soldier in the army. His name is Surya, and he is an angry young man who wants to be a commando. Not only this, Surya believes in giving life to the country's sake.


Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India has been directed by Vakantam Vamsee and they are debuting as a director from this movie. Earlier he used to write stories of films In the film, Anu Immanuel is heroine while Sharatkumar Vilan will come. The film will be released on April 27. I.e. Alu Arjun's film will be seen competing with Rajinikanth 2.0


In the year 2017, Alu Arjun's 'Dvada Jagannadham (DJ)' was a super hit film. 50 crore The Telugu movie, which was released on June 23, was released on June 23 and it has reached around Rs 115 crore at the box office. Had done business of. The film was a tremendous hit. Alu started the year with a bang.