Telecommunication companies can not make excuses for 'call drop'

Telecommunication companies can not make excuses for 'call drop'

Giving strong message to the telecom companies, the Department of Telecommunications said on Thursday that they can not create such excuses for the growing problem of call drop that there is difficulty in installing mobile towers. The department has asked the companies to work together to resolve this issue. Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundarajan said in an interview that the Department of Telecom will hold meetings with the companies after January 21.

This meeting will be followed by the telecommunication regulator Trai regarding the quality of mobile services. Sundararajan said, "The government is very concerned about the call-drop and quality of services. We want to tell the industry that this situation can not continue and they will have to take corrective steps. "Recognizing the difficulties faced by mobile companies in installing tower, he said that it can not be made an excuse for call drop.

He said that companies will have to invest in infrastructure upgrades. Telecom Department has raised issues related to telecom infrastructure in the states. Sundararajan said, 'The industry has to work together. They have to invest more in the infrastructure. "It is noteworthy that the telecom regulator has implemented the new rules regarding call-drop on 1 October. The first report is due to these new rules for the quarter ended December. Call drop means that the phone call is suddenly cut off while talking to mobile.