The economy will change the need to run on the path of these five states

The economy will change, the need to run on the path of these five states

Economic survey was presented on Monday on the first day of the budget session. It has been said that in the coming days, the economy needs to be improved, special attention should be paid to exports. It has been said that increasing exports will not only benefit the economy but will also improve the quality of life of ordinary citizens.

The survey has also been told about the best performing states in terms of exports. After the survey, it is expected that the government can pay special attention to this front in the budget.

This is for the first time that statistics of interstate and international exports of states have been presented in the Economic Survey. This data has revealed that only 5 states account for 70 percent of the total exports in the country.

These are Top 5 Exporter

This includes Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. There is a new thing in the survey that the impact of better exports falls on the standard of living. According to the survey, the quality of life in these five states is quite improved.

These are Top 5 Importer

On the other hand, exporting states at the inter state level include Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In the case of export, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat are at the forefront. Based on these figures, two conclusions have been drawn in the survey.

First, the states that export the most, they import more. Second, the states that do the highest business are more competitive and they are successful in making profits more than business.

Important for export economy

It has been said that in the coming days, the export economy can play an important role in accelerating. The emphasis is on improving the export situation in the survey. It said that the government should make necessary reforms on the export front, these reforms will prove to be very beneficial.

Important announcements may be made in budget

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley can make important announcements about exports even in the general budget to be presented on February 1. One reason for this is that there was a lot of fluctuations in export and import data last year. On the other hand, the sluggish figures of exports are also responsible for the poor condition of the agriculture sector.

In such a situation, the focus of finance minister Arun Jaitley may be on increasing import and export. In such a situation, many important announcements can be expected on this front.