The manipulation of the captured elephant in the camera

VIDEO: The manipulation of the captured elephant in the camera, crossing other borders crossing other countries

A video is being viral on social media. In which the elephant's trick came out. The elephant, who came out to roam in the morning, cleverly crossed the border and traveled back to another country and returned. This happened in Greece in China. U full event in CCTV was imprisoned. After coming out of China, these elephants came out to visit the nearby country of Laos. Jishu Amambana left the right and went to another country and returned back two hours later.

Everybody is watching the dance of this Divya, the viral video on social media

Footage shows that an elephant crosses the border easily and Laos gets out. According to CCTV +, the incident took place on Saturday. He moved from China to Luang Namtha in Laos.


According to the news of ABC News, the soldiers who were deployed at that time immediately prepared two teams and sent them to find the elephant and asked those who were nearby to keep an eye on the elephant.

A young Li Jifu said, "It's cold time. There is plenty of food in the wild areas. The wild elephant went in search of food in the nearby village. The elephant is right back. "

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