The new bill will increase the difficulties of MBBS candidates

 The new bill will increase the difficulties of MBBS candidates, such examination will be given.

Those studying in the doctor may have to undergo another examination in addition to their MBBS exams. Whereas earlier all students were able to practice directly after MBBS, they would not be able to practice directly at the same time. According to media reports, the Central Government is going to introduce National Medical Commission (NMC) bill. It will be applicable to the Medical Council of India. If this bill is passed then all the students doing the doctor will have to bear the burden of another test. Without passing this examination, they will not get the opportunity to practice.

Please note that some changes were made recently in the MBBS course, in which the candidates will have to take part in another examination after every semester. Through this examination, his work will be examined. Its purpose is to improve and examine the practical knowledge of all the students. During the exam, all the information will be given to all the students.

What is the NMC bill

After the MBBS that everyone is considering to present the bill, the government will have to pass an examination. At the same time, doctors coming to study from abroad will also get relief. However this test can become throat bone for those students who have passed MBBS with very few numbers. This opposition has started even before the introduction of this bill. The Indian Medical Association and the Medical Council of India are being opposed.