the nuclear button is also with me which is bigger and stronger

Kim Jong to Donald Trump warned him, the nuclear button is also with me, which is bigger and stronger

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned that he has a nuclear button, which is a key to Kim's junk, Kim Kim Jong, who threatened to remain with him at all times. In comparison, 'somewhere bigger and more powerful' is.

The American president wrote on the micro-blogging website Twitter: "North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has recently made a statement that 'the nuclear button remains on his desk all the time.' Will any of the victims of their shortage and food crisis inform them that I also have a nuclear button, but it is much bigger and stronger than their buttons, and yes, my button works too. "

This warning by Donald Trump has come after Kim Jong Un threatened to prepare the nuke button on his table during his annual New Year address, though Kim Jong also said he was ready to talk, and his The country will also participate in the Pyongchang Games next month.

South Korea also offered a high-level negotiation on Tuesday, 9 January from North Korea giving a positive response to it. But in the United States, US Ambassador Nikki Haley dismissed the proposed talks and called it 'band-ed' and said that America will never tolerate nuclear-powered North Korea.