the trains are being introduced in Indian Railways.

... so that there will be no lamps now due to the fog, the trains will also be less, the trains are being introduced in Indian Railways.

To combat the fog, the railway has started fog safe devices in trains. It is possible that in the days to come, your train will not be littered with fog and probably the accident will be less. In order to deal with the fog, the Railways have started fog-safe devices in trains. At present, this device has been installed in about 1,000 trains.

There is a plan to put it in 5000 trains. About 1 lakh rupees, this device costs about two kilometers of incoming signal and crossing information to the driver, so that the driver gets alert. Although this device does not tell the color of the signal.

This GPS is so much help from this device that sometimes the drivers had to watch the signal even after fog weather. Now it is known first. After this device, the speed of trains in the fog season, which was 10-15 kilometers per hour, also reached the speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

In the meantime, during this severe winter winter, fog is being seen in Delhi, due to which 60 trains have been laid. Meanwhile, the time of 18 trains was changed while 14 trains were canceled.