The TV star kept the for his engagement ring

                                OMG! The TV star kept the guard for his engagement ring

Recently, Reality TV star Paris Hilton has engaged with her boyfriend Chris Gilaka. Chris wearing a ring of Pier Shape Diamond while proposing them. This ring is worth 2 million dollars (12 crores rupees). Now Paris has guards its diamond ring for safety.

According to the website 'TMZ.com, Hilton has kept the engagement ring on the expensive ring for 24 hours to keep an eye on the security personnel. Paris wants 24-hour security and especially for that ring, which has been engaged in last week's engagement.

Let us tell you, Hilton and Gilka met an Oscar party seven years ago. However, both of them confirmed their relationship in February 2017. Posting the engagement photo, Paris wrote - "I am very happy that I am engaged with my love, my friend and my soulmate. Perfect for me every district. Very loyal, kind and dedicated. I feel like being the world's most lucky girl. You fulfilled my dream. "

Paris is known for its fashion senses. Their clothes become trendy. He is the most hug Pets. She always shares photos with her pets. Even in 2009, he had bought a house for his pets, which was worth 2 crores.

According to the news of philstar, Paris Hilton has engaged for the third time. The first engagement he had with model Jason Shaw in 2003. The second was with Paris Lettis in 2005. Not only that, he also remained in the relationship with many big stars.