These 6 Habits Are Making Reducing Sperm

                                  These 6 Habits Are Making Reducing Sperm

 Many of your habits in daily working are reducing the amount of sperm. There are many small things in eating and drinking, sitting and sitting that are spoiling your health but instead your partner is facing problems in conceiving. Slowly it is affecting your marital life. If you are struggling with this problem or want to avoid it in the future, remove the following 6 habits from your life from today.

1. Carbonated Drinks
If you are consuming excessive drinks of carbon dioxide, leave it today. These drinks are reducing your sperm count. Not only this but also its volume is less than beer. Because these drinks contain excessive amount of sugar, which impedes the functioning of sperm formation.

2. Put the phone in a pocket pocket
Most people keep their mobile in pants pocket. But should not do this. Because the dangerous radiation emanating from your phone reduces sperm reproduction. Study claims that keeping the phone in a pants pocket can reduce the sperm by up to 9 percent.

3. Keeping the laptop working on the feet
According to a news published in the Times, '' Testicles '' means that the temperature of the testicles should be about two degrees cold. That means if you keep the laptop in your lap then your hot air can die from your sperm. That's why keep the laptop working on the table.

4. Drinking with hot water
If you take the whole day's fat bath with hot water at home then be careful. Just like a laptop, your sperm can die more and its effect gradually appears in your life.

5. Low sleep
Just as your body and mind need rest, your sperm needs rest as well. Seven to eight hours of sleep can increase your body's sperm count. If you can not sleep for seven hours for any reason, you can increase the sperm through yoga.

6. Tight pants
Not only does your private parts suffer from irritation and itching, it is also not good for your sperm. The tight fabric keeps your testicles close to the feet, so that it keeps warm all day and its result is the death of the sperm.

Not only this, apart from this, many such factors such as smoking, stress, alcohol and uncontrollable sex also reduce the amount of sperm.