These 6 major advantages of massage of newborn baby oil

                             These 6 major advantages of massage of newborn baby oil

 Is there a newborn baby in your home? If yes, then you will get the instruction to massage your baby daily. The tradition of massage the baby from oil has been running for centuries. There are many benefits to the massaging of children especially the newborn. But today's Modern Generation does not give it much importance and is often confused with whether or not to be massaged. Here we are telling you about the benefits of massage of a newborn child, after knowing who will remove all your confusion:

1- Good sleep
Newborn children have no time to rise to sleep. Especially when the tired mother of the day has the time to sleep, the child lives on the same time. Not only this, if the child wakes up then the mother can not get comfort. Oil massage is such a big thing in such a way. Gold is very important for the child's health and development. Experts believe that if a child is massaged before sleeping, then the child sleeps quickly. Not only that, it also comes with deep and long sleep.

2- Digestion
Hajma is okay with daily massage of the baby. Some children are complaining of gas, so they keep on crying most of the time. If children's oil is massaged from the routine, then they get rid of problems caused by gas. They also do not have to give medicines as well.

3- Blood Circulation
Better blood circulation is not only important for the elderly but also for the good health of young children. Although it is not hard for adults to correct blood circulation, but it is not easy for children. Thus, blood circulation can be improved by massaging their oil daily. In many researches it has been revealed that continuous massaging of children's physical organs develops rapidly.

4- Leisure leave
If you are in stress then massaging you get great relief. Similarly oil massage helps keep children calm. Massage provides comfort to children's muscles.

5- Bonds between mother and child
If the mother carries a baby, the child feels safe herself. In this way a kind of bond is made between the mother and the child. It is also a good way to love the child. If massage is done with the routine, the child is also waiting for it. This is the time when you will be able to discover your child's likes and dislikes.

6- Time to share things
When doing massage, the child should talk a lot of things. She should tell what you are doing. Tell him about body parts. In this way the child will gradually understand your point of view and also respond to you.

Wear caution while doing massage
Massage must be done with sesame or olive oil. Before massaging, cut your nails and take out the jewelry so that the child is not hurt. Massage your hands with light hands rather than masquerading loudly.