This guy was fishing, then suddenly came crocodile, then it happened

VIDEO: This guy was fishing, then suddenly came crocodile, then it happened ...

A strange incident happened with a young man living in Australia. Actually, this young man had gone fishing, but anyone who could see what happened there could have any horns. The youth was trying to catch fish in the river, only then a huge crocodile came there. The young man watching the crocodile ran away from there. The crocodile chased the fish while chasing it and swallowed it. This incident happened suddenly, the young man agreed. A video of this whole incident has become viral on social media. This video can be seen how the young man tries to catch fish and the fish gets stuck in his trap as soon as possible. Similarly a crocodile lies on his side. Although the young man looking at the crocodile escapes from there, but the crocodile succeeds in eating the fish.

This video of this incident was posted on Facebook page 'Bonnor's Adventure' on Sunday. The 13-foot-long crocodile in this video can be seen chasing the fish. Seeing the crocodile, the young man ran away from the fish. This video has been viewed 71,000 times. After this incident the youth interacted with NT News and said, "I was not nervous at that time. I was five meters away from the water, but my legs were trembling badly


Cahillous crossing in Australia is notorious for crocodile water. After watching this video people have given their reactions too.