This person has taken away the crown of Bill Gates the world's richest man

                 This person has taken away the crown of Bill Gates, the world's richest man

Whenever someone from you asked who was the richest person in the world, then your answer would have been the same, Bill Gates. But no longer. The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, has now been stripped of Amazon's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in history. According to the Bloomberg billionaire index, Jeff Bezos's net worth has reached $ 106 billion. At the same time, according to the index, Bill Gates has now slipped to number two. Their net worth has reached $ 92.7 billion.

According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos's Real Time Networth has reached $ 105 billion on Thursday. While Bill Gates's realtime net worth is $ 91.4 billion.

Most of Bezos's assets come from Amazon in their shares. Bezos has 7.89 million shares in Amazon. Monday saw a 1.4 percent increase in Amazon shares. This led to an increase of $ 1.4 billion in NetWorth of Bezos.

This is not the first time that Jeff Bezos left Bill Gates behind. Earlier in July last year, he also left behind Bill Gates and became the world's richest man. After this, once again in October he became the world's richest man.

But this is the first time that he has made his name record of the richest man in history. Bezos crossed the $ 100 billion mark in November.

According to Forbes, Bezos started the Amazon from the garage. They started Amazon by selling online books. Earlier he used to work in the hedge fund. In addition to Amazon, his interest is also in traveling to space.

For this, he has created a company named 'Blue Origin'. Blue Origin is preparing the reusable rocket. Bezos says that this rocket will carry passengers. Jeff Bezos has also participated in the media. They bought the Washington Post for $ 250 million in 2013.