Twinkle Khanna told the story of the first period of the stock PADMAN Movie

Twinkle Khanna told the story of the first period of the stock, - one day at the school's canteen ...

Bollywood Actress Twinkle Khanna is now busy promoting her production house 'Padman'. Twinkle and the film 'Padman' team chose 'Barfi' and 'Sanitary pads' taboo subject for their upcoming movie. Twinkle, who was promoting the film in Mumbai, made an incident of her life, which the society considers a subject of shame.

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Twinkle said in a conversation with a viewer, "I remember when I was in boarding school, there was not a mother or aunt with me to tell me about all these things. One day at school canteen I felt stained in my uniform Looks like I'm going to change clothes immediately. "

Twinkle further said, "I was lucky that I saw only that stain. But in August last year, a teacher in South India got a 12-year-old student out of the class just because the menstruation stains his clothes and seat. He went home and jumped off the balcony and gave it life, so the level of embarrassment with this normal body action is of this level. I hope girls after 'Padman' Not shy levels will reduce some Hdtk in. "

'Padman', though Coimbatore resident Arunachalam is based on Murugananda's life. The film will be released in theaters on February 9.