Weight loss, reduce eyesight, gain 5 gains of guava

Weight loss, reduce eyesight, gain 5 gains of guava

When the winter comes, everyone's homes come guava Guava. It is not only rich in taste but also in properties. Guava is rich with vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants. There is an equal amount of banana containing potassium, which helps keep blood pressure normal. Vitamins and minerals present in Guava are helpful in protecting the body from various diseases. It also strengthens the immune system. It is believed that this fruit is the donation of Central America, which is known as 'Sand Pulp'. You can also learn here about these five benefits of guava.

1. Reduce the risk of cancer
Lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C and antioxidants present in guava prevent cancer cells from producing the cells. Lycopin breast also protects against cancer. That's why one must eat guava every day.

2. Increase the eyesight
In Guava also, Vitamin A is present in the form of carrot, which makes eye-light illuminate. With this, it also makes the eyes muscles strong. That is why eat it daily in the morning or evening breaks.

3. During pregnancy
Guava is very good for pregnant women. Folic acid or Vitamin B-9 present in it helps in developing the nervous system. Simultaneously, guava protects small children from neurological disorders.

4. Stress Do Less
The magnesium present in guava relaxes the nerves and muscles of the body. Eat a guava after heavy work out of the day. Going to office, eat it everyday, it helps in reducing travel and work stress.

5. Decrease Weight
Without reducing any proteins, vitamins and fibers in their diet, guava helps reduce weight. Every day a guava regulates your metabolism and breaks it at a growing weight. Because the guava contains other fruits such as banana, apple, orange, less sugar.