who has spoken for Padmaavat Box Office Collection


Deepika, who has spoken for Padmaavat Box Office Collection, said, "It is a big movie because ..."

Actress Deepika Padukone's most acclaimed film, Padmavat, has finally been released on Thursday and believes that it will hit the box office. Deepika, who plays a leading role in Sanjay Leela's movie based on the historical background, is overwhelmed by the reaction of the film. This film was shown to journalists on January 23 in Delhi and Mumbai.

He told the media, "I am very overwhelmed and emotional at this time. I feel that this film has won a lot. After all, this movie is being released and I'm overwhelmed by the kind of reaction I get about the film, my acting. The actress was speaking at the Hindustan Times India's most stylish award program here. Shahid Kapoor and Ranvir Singh are also in the lead roles in the film 'Padmavat'.

Shahid Kapoor's statement about 'Padmavat', said, 'From the beginning I am saying that ...'

Last year, during the shooting of the film in Rajasthan, the movie was filled with controversy by the Karan Sena. Earlier this film was about to be released in cinemas on December 1. However, due to lack of sanction from the censor board, manufacturers of Viacom 18 and Bhansali Productions extended the date of release. The censor board suggested to make five changes in the film, including changing the name of the film from 'Padmavati' to 'Padmavat'. This film is based on the epic 'Padmavat' of 16th century poet Malik Muhammad Jaisi.

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