Black Panther movie review Spiderman will forget about Superman


Black Panther movie review: If you see 'Black Panther' then Spiderman will forget about Superman

Black Panther movie review: If you see 'Black Panther' then Spiderman will forget about Superman

Hollywood superhero is nothing superstars in India. Then he goes Superman, Spiderman, Ironman or Thor. Now, has now reached a new Black Panther superhero and he is no less than Spiderman or Ironman in every way. But his prediction is somewhat different. Some that film most actors are African American descent. Which is a confidential element. The wonderful action scene a Chasing movie is amazing. Marvel Avengers Studios next part is going to be released soon, this movie can work to create a good foundation for him.

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The story of the "Black Panther" is a fictional country Vkanda Africa. Which is a lot of advancement in technology. Becomes King of Death Vkanda and his son Tchala (Black Panther) seek power. This trip is not so easy. His old enemies seem to create difficulties for him. He is competing with them. That's why she feels threatened around the world. of Blank Panther are his companions jumped into the mission and the team as they compete. Above all, it is also one of the reasons why this war is a strong resistance to it.

Ryan Kuglr has introduced a great be the best direction and history correctly. Are to stop the movie Chasing Sean breath then in terms of technology and graphics if Hollywood is not breaking. Chadwick Bosman played deeply in the role of Black Panther and they also work to connect to the audience. Lupita Nyong, Forest Whitaker and Martin Freeman also performed well. These superhero fans have gone to look for another series of superheroes, who will transmit them.

Today, Manoj Bajpai and Ayyari of Siddharth Malhotra "have been published. Movie release was postponed to save clash several times. But today he is released. Superheroes and action fans can turn the Black Panther. If this happens "Ayyari" it would not be good news.

Rating: 4 stars
Director: Ryan Koogler
Artist Chadwick Bosman, Lupita Nyong, Andy Serkis, Michael Jordan and Martin Freeman

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