During the promotion Taapsee got the old friend the actress asked - Banssi

During the promotion, Taapsee got the old friend, the actress asked - Banssi

Taapsee Pannu went on a set of 'India's Next Superstar' for the promotion of her upcoming movie Dil Juunglee. There he was surprised to meet the Contestant part. Actually, excerpts and heaters once went to the same dance class. During the show, the part called Taapsee a banssi.

Recalling the days of the dance class, he said: 'We used to fight very much whenever we met. The part said that Taapsee was very bossy and always used to do dance selection for performance. Heats up listening to this thing. '

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In the film 'Dil Juunglee', Shaki Salim is with Tapi. There is also controversy over a dialogue about the film, in fact, Lalita Pawar has been called Kane in the film's dialogue. Actor Ranjit has expressed strong objection on this. They said - Those who have said this should catch them. People say anything tomorrow. Senior and great actress like Lalita should respect. Let us tell you that the film is being produced by Vasu Bhagnani's son and actor Jackie Bhagnani. '

Ranjit further said- "Films do not work with such dialogs. It is a shame to say such things in a film made by the nominee and film family. The levels of the films have dropped a lot. We are also ashamed to work now. '

It is worth mentioning that in a dialogue of the film a co-star tells a girl- "I want to say to you with heart, you do not look like an actress." On this, the girl asks- 'Joe Lie (Jennifer Lopez)', then the actor says, 'Do not do Lalita Pawar ... Kani'.

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Ranjit said at the declining levels of the films: "When I ask for a movie in a movie, I refuse to be clear. I say work from someone else. This was not the case in earlier times. I can not abuse. '

'What happened if Lalita ji had lost the eye? They were fantastic actresses. Divyaanang is a crime. The censor board does not even step on such dialogs. There also works with recommendations. '

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