If you invest in the stock market then it is important for you to know these 10 things.


General Budget -2018: If you invest in the stock market then it is important for you to know these 10 things.

General Budget -2018: If you invest in the stock market then it is important for you to know these 10 things.

On the next day of the Modi government's budget 2018, the stock market has witnessed a decline. Experts believe that this decline is being seen by the government's decision to increase the fiscal deficit and increase the tax on long-term capital gains. Today, Suburban BSE recorded nearly 300 points fall while the Nifty was trading at 10950. Domestic stocks are also visible in the international market. They also open today weak. Compared to Thursday, the rupee slipped from 64.02 to 64.18.

A2018 Budget 10 things that will affect the stock market

There was heavy selling pressure in the market, but the impact of domestic institutional investors on the last hour of the business reduced its effect. Explain that stocks related to banking sector are witnessing a decline. Yes Bank, HDFC, SBI and IndusInd Bank have seen a fall of about 2 per cent.

Apart from this, the target of fiscal deficit target for 2017-18 has also been impacted by 3.2 percent to 3.5 percent of GDP. The target of fiscal deficit for the fiscal year 2018-19 has been fixed at 3.3 percent, while in the fiscal liability and budget management law, it has set a target of 3 percent.

In this budget, the finance minister has said that the new rule of tax on long-term capital gains has affected the market. There is currently no tax on Capital Gain (LCGT) if the shareholder maintains the shares for one year.

In the General Budget 2018, concerns have also arisen from the LCGT whether it will now allow foreign investors to invest in Indian equity. That is, it is believed that it is going to have adverse impact on the stock market.

Some people believe that this rule of government will expose foreign investors and the country's financial system may have to suffer from it.

Earlier, many experts used to raise the issue that most money in the name of foreign investment is invested in the stock market and not directly invested in the Indian economy.

It is to be noted that since the beginning of 2014, the foreign exchange investment of $ 94 billion in the stock exchanges. According to the new rules, foreign institutional investors will now have to pay tax on income.

In the opinion of many analysts, where the stock market is expected to suffer from investment, the investment in the rural areas in the budget has greatly benefited the market and the economy.

Some analysts believe that due to better tax collection, investment in rural areas, GDP, better job opportunities, the stock market will get better results in the entire economy in a few days.

Let us know that the time has come for the RBI to review the various interest rates. It will also have a lot of impact on the market. The RBI will do this work next week and announce it.

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