IND vs SA: Virat Kohli Brigade by 73 races, history of South Africa

IND vs SA: Virat Kohli Brigade by 73 races, history of South Africa

IND vs SA: Virat Kohli Brigade by 73 races, history of South Africa

Port Elizabeth after Rohit Sharma high-end one hundred (115) thanks to bowlers brilliantly India today defeated by 73 races in South Africa in the fifth-Dayer. With this victory, the Indian team made history by winning the first series in South Africa. Previously batting at the invitation of South Africa, Virat Kohli Brigade scored 274 points for seven wickets in 50 overs. Rohit Sharma scored 115 points, Virat Kohli 36 and Shikhar Dhawan 34 points. In response, South Africa was stacked on 201 in 42.2 overs. For the hosts, Hashim Amla scored the highest score of 71 points. Four wickets Kuldeep Yadav of India Lia.yujvendra Chahal came two wickets account Pandya hot. With this victory at ODI Port Elizabeth, the Indian team has achieved an unbeatable lead of 4-1 in the series. The sixth and final round of a day will be played on February 16th. Rohit Sharma was declared Man of the Match.

South African intentions: Indian spinners shine again
The goal of Chasing Hashim Amla's team and Aiden Markram of South Africa had 23 races to mark South Africa after Kikpanc opening more. Missing celebration was dropped at Aden Markram in the sixth on innings when the Bumrah ball Shreyas Iyer Skekis did not catch caught four of Kumar Markram in the next course, then six in his famous. Jaspreet Bumrah, the first breakthrough for the Indian team, gave Markram (32 points) a shot at Kohli. Immediately after that, Hardik Pandya caught JP Duminy (1) caught by Rohit Sharma. The third wicket of the hosts dropped as AB de Villiers (6), which Pandya caught by Wicketkeeper Dhoni. After 15 overs, the score was 74 for three wickets. After that, Miller and Amla reached the score of 100 points. Miller has completed 2,500 ODI races in today's races. On the 25th, Amitabh's take by Shreyas Iyer missed a catch.

In the 26th inning, Pandey's ball came out of Ajinkya Rahane's batter. Fourth wicket of David Miller of South Africa (dropped 36), they Chahal was accomplished with the help of three fours in 72 half-fat Kiakamla balls. Fifth of a wicket in South Africa before Amla (71 races, 92 balls, five fours) and Andile Felukwayo (0) as fallen in the short Hua.cte Pandya's best throw gates Kuldeep Yadav was upset. In the 38th on innings after six Klassen said Kuldeep two Yadav counter six and warmly bringing in an environment of four knock. More than 16.6: No races. But after that, Kuldeep made a comeback. He took three wickets in the same and brought the South African sleeves very close to the end. Kuldeep shocks Kagiso Rbada wickets (3), Heinrich Klassen (39) and Tabrez Shamsi (0). Morne Morkel (1) as the last wicket of South Africa entered the account of Yuswendra Chahal. The South African rounds shone in 42.2 overs.

Fall of gates: 1-52 (Markram, 9.4 overs), 55-2 (Duminy, 10.5), 65-3 (de Villiers, 12.5), 127-4 (Miller, 26.4), 166-5 ( Amla, 34,3), 168 (Felukwayo, 35.3), 196-7 (Rbada, 41.2), 197-8 (Klassen, 41.4), 197-9 (Shamsi, 41.5), 201-10 ( Morkel, 42.2)

    Retirement of Rohit Sharma after the dismissal
IND vs SA: Virat Kohli Brigade by 73 races, history of South Africa

South Africa won the draw and invited India to take first place, the first leg having been played by Morne Morkel of South Africa. Then score the Indians with the help of four Rohit Sharma and Sixes Dhawan in the next on Rbada giving impetus 13-track casts. Was thrown from Morkel aside more, too expensive for the 13 tracks, including three kilns Dhawan Bnektim India first shot Shikhar Dhawan (34 off 23 balls, fell on all fours), Rbada the deep square foot to take by Felukwayo after 10 overs were 61 points in account was coming with Rohit handled the color spend the team's time on Thekviket. Virat's spectacular display continued from the other end. After 15 overs, India's score was 90 for a wicket, the 100 innings of the Indian team were completed in 17.1 overs. Soon Rohit Sharma completed his 35th in ODIs. He faced 50 balls, facing two six and six ovens. After 25 overs, the India team scored 148 runs on a wicket.

The second wicket of the Indian team fell in the form of Virat Kohli (36 races, 54 balls, two ovens), which was exhausted. After his dismissal, Virat Ajinkya Rahane came to bat after 30 overs team 171 points for two wickets India Bharatiya team fell to the third shock miss. The drummers who were sent back this time were Ajinkya Rahane (8). In the 34th on sleeves were Rohit Sharma can also return Pavilion but Tabrez Shamsi off Rbada fell hold on the border. The 200 races in India were completed in 35.2 overs. At the same time, Rohit Sharma completed his 17th century ODI career. During that time he did four and four six. After 40 overs Team India scored 219 for three wickets. At a time when the team was heading towards India's highest score, Lungi Angidi Sharma Rohit of successive bullets (115, 11 fours and four to six places) and warm Pandya (0) by huge hosts Dikjld's same relief Angidi He also fired Shreyas Iyer (30 races, 37 balls, two to four). Thyksatwan's time went down steadily with MS Dhoni's small door (13 races, 17 balls) as Gyakbhuvneshwar Kumar and Kuldeep Yadav account of the Angidi led to score in 50 overs with a loss while the 274 team Lungy Andy of Africa South took four wickets.

Falls from gates: 48-1 (Dhawan, 7.2), 153-2 (Kohli, 25.3), 176-3 (Rahane, 31.5), 236-4 (Sharma, 42.2), 236-5 (Pandya, 42,3), 238 -6 (Iyer, 44,2), 265-7 (Dhoni, 48,2)

The two teams were as follows ...
India: Virat Kohli (Captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Shreyas Iyer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Hearty Pandya, Yujvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Kumar and Jaspreet Bhuvneshwar Bumrah.

South Africa: Aiden Markram (captain), Hashim Amla, JP Duminy, Villiers AB, David Miller, Heinrik Klassen, Andile Felukwayo, Kagiso Rbada, Lungi Andigi, Morne Morkel and Tabrez Shamsi.
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