IND vs SA: Virat Kohli gave a blow to a bowler of the South African team

IND vs SA: Virat Kohli gave a blow to a bowler of the South African team, see VIDEO ..

IND vs SA: Virat Kohli gave a blow to a bowler of the South African team, see VIDEO ..

In the fifth match between India and South Africa on Tuesday, Indian team captain Virat Kohli was seen facing opposition teammate Tabrez Shamsi. Significantly, the Shamsi Team IPL Team Royal Challengers was Virat's partners in Bangalore. By the way, this sledge started in the name of Shamsi. During this ODI in Port Elizabeth, South Africa won the match in the match and invited the Indian team to beat first. In the 36-round heats of Virat Kohli, Shamsi lugges against him. During the South African rounds where Shamsi came knocking, Kohli did not miss Virat Kohli. Coming to Shamsi Ridge, Virat said, 'Shamo Chamois (Shamsi), did you put a chest cushion? When Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav played Shamsi, Virat's comments were heard by Mike on the stretch. Kohli's strategy worked brilliantly and Shamsi was out in the attempt to hit the ball next time.

However, during this match, Shamsi did not become the victim of the only division of Virat Kohli. When Rohit Sharma was beating out of 96, Shamsi had dropped his easy grip, Shamsi was also shot on social media.

In the match, the Indian team won by 73 points and achieved an unbeatable 4-1 lead in the six-game series. The Indian team scored 274 points in seven games, losing seven wickets in the match, in response to which South Africa was simply fired by 201 points.
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After the match, Virat Kohli said: "I am very happy with the team's performance. We played spectacularly in the batting and bowling areas. After losing in the fourth ODI, our players showed the best match. From the beginning, one team was in danger of losing the series and this team was South Africa. This is a good time for us since the third test in Johannesburg. We play good team games and its credit goes to all players and support staff. He said that all teams are focusing on the 2019 World Cup and we are also gearing up for that. It's good to take a 4-1 lead in the series against South Africa, but we surely want to make a difference of 5-1.