kamala suraiyya india Google Doodle Celebrates Kamala Das

Google Doodle Celebrates Kamala Das: 'A book is a good choice for a man. Fiction is better '

Today Google has done a doodle to remember the story of Myloid, Malayalam and English-language writer Kamala Das. 'My Story', autobiography of Kamala Das, was launched on February 1, 1976. This autobiography had wrecked the rage as a result. In 'My Story' he wrote about his life with a lot of wildness, which the conservatives did not embrace. But Kamla Das, who wrote Madhavikutty, never cared about anyone. In 1985, he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for his poetry collection 'Collected Poetries'. kamala suraiyya india Google Doodle Celebrates Kamala Das.

Interestingly, when the film was made on the life of Kamla Das, who always lived Binda, she also got into controversy. The film has been made from 'Aami' and it is already being accused of promoting 'love jihad' on its release. Manju Warrior is playing Kamala Das in the film. Although earlier, the character was offered to Vidya Balan, but for some reasons she had cut Kanni. The movie trailer has been released, and it gives a glimpse of Kamla Das's life. Kamla Das had embraced Islam in 1999 at the age of 65.

The writings of Kamala Das were very revolutionary, and they advocated women to live their life in harmony. For them, women's freedom was of great importance. Introducing some of his most revolutionary quotes:

"If there was a sense of respect only when wrapping clothes, the most respected Egyptian mummies would be because they have many clothing layers."

"Like other writers of my own kind, I had the expectations too that I should strangle my talent and write it like that which is easy for my family."

"A book is a good option for a man. It is good if a fiction is there."

"You have never loved him, but you were about to be sentimental.