Pictures of Xiaomi Mi 7 will run away, 8GB of RAM will be in this phone!

Pictures of Xiaomi Mi 7 will run away, 8GB of RAM will be in this phone!

Pictures of Xiaomi Mi 7 will run away, 8GB of RAM will be in this phone!

First Chinese smartphone that the company was told by the Mi Xiaomi plans to launch 7 smartphone MWC 2018, but later came news that the company instead decided to launch m Mix 2 S. Interestingly, now there is a rumor to About M7 that the handset can hit in April with 8GB of RAM and 4,480 MAH of battery. Say that it will update the m 6 handset version, which came with the 4 and 6GB RAM options and 3350 mAh capacity battery.

That being said, citing screenshots that call Snapdragon leak 845 processor, will be equipped with a 16-16-megapixel dual camera configuration and a full 5.6-inch HD Plus screen resolution. There is a possibility to give 128 GB of storage in it. This image indicates that the UI version of the device is UIU 8.1.30X, which is not old. It was published on January 30 of this year. Please tell us that the company has updated its 40 devices, in which a 5-year handset has also been brought to MUI 9. It is decided that nothing in the new handset will be given, which is " old "in the eye of the user.

There had indeed launched the 25th Samsung Galaxy 9 February and S players potentially Sony Xperia XZ in front of smartphone break Pro to unload its flagship smartphone. In the meantime, HMD Global can also launch Nokia's new smartphone. It is said that the "fear" of these big launches left the rest of the companies struggling to drop the smartphone. The MWC event will run from February 26th to March 1st. It should be noted that Shaomi did not participate in the previous MWC show but that the company had posted M5 at MWC 2016.

Why will I be soam ii 7?

There may be a face unlock function in Shaomi Me 7. There will be no fingerprint scanner. The second device, exists on the market, including Face Unlock software feature, will be 3D face detection technology in different m 7 them, which will be able to unlock the face, by phone on the user's screen . Please let us know that this feature has been provided so far in the iPhone X.

Explain that the smartphones on the MWC 2018 smartphones include many major brands of phones. These Samsung Galaxy S 9, S-9 Plus, Sony Xperia Pro Aksjhed, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Asus Zenfone 5 Series, Nokia 1 Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8 (2018) and wait for the Nokia 9 people eagerly.