Rs. 3,68,000 crore value of banks in 5 years

Rs. 3,68,000 crore value of banks in 5 years

Rs. 3,68,000 crore value of banks in 5 years

Bhopal: India's banking sector is heading for bankruptcy ever, due to sinking into the last half 367,765 million bank funds in five years by common agreement (right) went, while that There are many still represent bad The constraint of putting is seen.

The information provided by the Reserve Bank of India in the context of the right to information is shocking. RBI year 2012-13 to September 20l7 public and private sector banks had an amount of 367765 crores including by mutual agreement (including trade-offs) is right next door. Of these, 27 are public sector banks, while there are 22 private sector banks, which left the amount immediately.

Activist Chandra Gaur amount of struck off by the banks mentioned in the response received from the central bank is growing steadily. See the series reveals that in 2012-13, just beside amount had gone 32127 million, which rose to Rs 103202 crore in 2016-17. Reserve Bank figures show that in the year 40870 crore in 2013-14, 2014-15 is high at 56144 million, 69210 million in 2015-16 went right off. The 2017-18 just went amount of 66,162 crores between April to the first six months of September struck off on the basis of a mutual agreement.

Figures provided by the central bank It bears witness that the public sector (public sector) banks have nearly five times the amount of duty against banks in the private sector (private sector). Banks in the private sector where the write-off of 64187 crores in five and a half years. At the same time, public sector banks are entitled to 303578 crores during the same period.

If banking experts believe that the game of just-to-do is their genre. When banks lend money, they divide the accounts into four categories. This account is settled on the basis of the deposit of the loan deposit. Standard (fixed with a payment on time), all standard (which pay the payment of a time limit), complete doubt (which are not subject to payment several months) and loss (which is impossible repayment). The loan is provided on the basis of the valuation of the property that the borrower shows. In many industries, subsidies are also provided by the government.

They point out that many people no longer evaluate their hype of property and are approved of a lot of money they lend on that basis, before making that they use the grants, then Dlwakr or loss in the range Accounts Receivable Accounts fall into the category. In this case, not only provide a measure of a property until it goes much lower than before, the situation remains the only option at the bank that it jeopardizes the proceeds of the auction-related assets Write the amount remaining.

Bank officials say no bank wants to show an unpaid balance in its balance sheets. This is why the value of radiation increases. These conditions are not good for banks. The amount that is written off is part of the general consumer. This will reduce consumer confidence vis-à-vis banks. Not only that, it can be considered as a major sign of bank insolvency. Sources say banks should keep an eye on the properties of the industry or the individuals whose rights are at stake, but that does not happen. The same person becomes the second company and is online for a loan.

The employees of the bank lend their interest to achieve their goal. The results are the same, they just come out. Vijay Mallya suffered a loss of Rs 9,000 crore and Nirav Modi injured by 11,300,000,000. Nobody knows how far this list will grow. (From the SIN entry)