Special projection of 'Pedman' for Malala

Special projection of 'Pedman' for Malala                Special projection of 'Pedman' for Malala

Akshay Kumar starrer 'Padman' is loved in the country and the world. On the issue of sanitary napkins, the film made Rs 60 crore in 6 days of release. Have been collected. This film, starring Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte, received a good response from critics alongside the audience. Meanwhile Malala Yusufzai R. Balki directed his support for the film 'Padman'. At the same time, the producer said that there is a special screening program for the Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Balki said, "What can I say about supporting Malala by supporting our film ... We are blessed and respected." The voices of these people will take our message in "Paddman" to come. We should not be behind the scenes, and we need strong voices like Malala to convey this message. "

While unveiling the plan to show Malala as "Padman", he said, "We definitely show the film as soon as possible." He added, "The first story is the story of the real-life character Arunachalam Muruganathanam, who had to face challenges in the beginning." But he says, "I do not really like filming life, because it's under the same pressure out of the real person's screen life on the film. "

But some things have changed the spirit of Balki. He said, "But this time, I decide to make a movie. I story of the decision to make "Padman the person he thought to make cheap sanitary napkins really inspired me the mind. When Twinkle Khanna my opinion I prepared myself immediately. "

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