Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review - business veeru

       Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review Critic Rating: 2.5/5

Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review - business veeru
Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review - business veeru

Tollywood : - There are a not very many who are in great frame even after they move toward becoming seniors. They exercise and remain fit to look youthful and engage crowd they way adolescents do. We have such a large number of senior legends who remain fit and thin for their age and one of them is Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja. After a break, he thought of Raja the immense under the bearing of Anil Ravipudi and scored a blockbuster in spite of negative audits. He is currently accompanying "Touch Chesi Choodu" which is coordinated by debutante Vikram Sirikonda, who prior filled in as discourse author for Racegurram and numerous other hit motion pictures. This film Raashi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor as female leads which is created by Nallamalapu Bujji and Vallabhaneni Vamsi. How about we perceive how it chips away at us.


Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review
Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review 

Karthikeya (Ravi Teja) is a representative who lives with his family in Pondicherry cheerfully. He gives his family an extremely most extreme significance and he will go any degree for his family. He choose to get hitched for his family and meet Pushpa (Raashi Khanna) and she succumbs to him continuously and he rejects her for his family's regard. His youngster witnesses a murder scene and he goes to Police with respect to this murder and becomes more acquainted with Irfan, who passed on long back in the records of Police. He at that point calls magistrate of Police (Murali Sharma) and becomes acquainted with about Irfan. Who is Irfan? What is the tale of Karthikeya? What occurs with the murder case?

Cast and Performance 

Ravi Teja is wonderful as Karthikeya which has two shades as a Police and a family individual. He is great appropriate from his look and non-verbal communication to his lingual authority. Rashi Khanna as Pushpa is great. She looks stunning. Satyam Rajesh as Karthikeya's companion is pleasant. Seerat Kapoor engaged in a glitzy part. Murali Sharma is as common in his chief part. Vennela Kishore, Giri and others are comical. The folks who went about as Villain and his child are great. Performing artists who did different parts are fine.

Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review
Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review 

Writing department

Story of this Touch Chesi choodu has just the same old thing new as far as substance and it's screenplay goes unoriginally. Discoursed are great.

Specialized Departments 

Tunes created by J.A.M8 group are pleasant and they are all around bolstered by pleasantly composed verses. Foundation score made by Manisharma is great and it has taken the motion picture to next level. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is decent and there are numerous eye snappy edges. Altering by Gowtham Raju is fine. Activity groupings are all around formed and pleasantly shot. Craftsmanship office completed a fine employment. Creation esteems are rich.

Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review
Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review


Ravi Teja as ACP Karthikeya

Melodies by J.A.M8

Foundation score by Mani Sharma


Routine story

Layout screenplay


Touch Chesi Choodu is an account of a Police who is so legitimate in his work and whose need is his activity more than his family or life partner. He is so careless and runs with his impulses to illuminate wrongdoings. This demeanor of him acquires issues his own life and this film bundles it. This motion picture has numerous likenesses to numerous old motion pictures and debutante chief Vikram Sirikonda could have improved the situation work in composing screenplay.

This motion picture has everything in most ideal way yet not it's substance. We have been seeing motion pictures with a similar screenplay from some 10-15 years and producers didn't take in any lessons with some super disappointments. This motion picture is a failure for group of onlookers who expect changed substance and request to mass gathering of people. To entirety up, Touch Chesi Chudu is another business performer from Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja. Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review Critic Rating: 2.5/5

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