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Jennifer Lopez opened the secret

Singer actress Jennifer Lopez has also voiced her voice against sexual harassment. Jennifer Lopez, famous for her songs and acting throughout the world, has told that she had asked a director to show her chest. This information was given by IANS, handed over to Jennifer's interview in Harper's Bazaar Magazine. Jennifer Lopez was talking about her experience in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez helped in the fight against breast cancer

Jennifer Lopez said that she had been uncomfortable due to the wrong demand of the director because she was telling her to show her a cena. Jennifer said, "I have not been harassed in the way that women were done. Did any director ask me to open my shirt and show breast? Yes, it has happened. Did i do that So the answer is not at all. "

This experience happened during his first visit. Jennifer said, "At that time I was afraid to say anything. I thought my liver would come out. I was thinking 'What do I do? This guy is hiring me! 'This was one of my first films. But I knew that his behavior was not good. It could also go in the wrong direction for me. "However, Jennifer Lopez did not name the director.