Stephen Hawking Died

Stephen Hawking Died

Stephen Hawking, who told the secret of the universe, passed away at the age of 76, was an incurable disease.

Stephen Hawking has died. Family members have confirmed this. World famous great scientist Stefan Hawking breathed his last at the age of 76. He was also the author of the Bestseller Book 'A Brief History of Time'. He was also the research director of the Theoretical Cosmological Center (University of theoretical Cosmology) at the University of Cambridge. Hawking lived on wheelchairs He had said, "At the age of 21, the doctors told me that I have a terminal illness named Motor Neuron."

Stephen Hawking Died

According to the statement, "He was a great scientist and a wonderful person whose work and heritage would be alive for a long time. His courage and determination with his wisdom and humor has inspired people all over the world. '

It has been said, 'He once said that if your loved ones are not, then the universe will not be as it is. We will always remember him. '

Commentary Hawkins was a victim of motor neuron disease in 1963, and doctors said that only two years of his life survived. But he went to Cambridge to study and after Albert Einstein became the world's greatest theoretical physicist.

In 2014, the film 'Theory of Everything' has also been made on the world's most famous physicist and cosmologist.