Deadpool 2 Movie Review: The Style of 'Deadpool'

Deadpool 2 Movie Review: The Style of 'Deadpool', the voice of Ranveer Singh, the Hollywood movie is fun

Deadpool 2 (Deadpool 2): ​​The superhero 'Deadpool 2' is a brawler, ridiculous, talk-out, and this return is quite fun too. Raidon Reynolds's Deadpool sequel 'Deadpool 2' was eagerly waiting, and it was said that it was more fun than the first part of the film, as it happened. The fun acting of Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and Mutants' entry to play Thanos in 'Avangers', entry of entry, Bollywood style story and a lot of action. For the fans of 'Deadpool', there is every spice that will be loved by the fans of this series, and will also fulfill the desire of some different viewers in the superheros. Then there is Ranvir Singh too.

The story of the movie is from Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. She is celebrating Anniversary with her girlfriends that some enemies attack, and girlfriends are killed in it. Deadpool breaks completely and tries to commit suicide but it can not happen. Then he brings with him to make part of the Colossus X Man. Then one day comes a mutant child, which has the power of fire. In order to save her, Dedpool breaks the law and she is kept in mutants' jail. There he lives with that child. But the future of cable (Josh Brolin) is the entry to kill that child. Who has immense strengths. Just Deadpool has to save that child so kill the cable In this way, tremendous action, a lot of abuse and that too in the voice of Ranveer Singh


Ranbir Singh has been dubbed while targeting Hindi fans in 'Deadpool 2'. Ranbir has done a very interesting dubbing in the style of Deadpool, and it sounds fun listening to dialogues. Then every game of Deadpool laughs and laughs. His healing power is amazing, because despite the two pieces in the film, it becomes like before, again, this is really amazing. Then the Hindi dialogues are fabricated by keeping Bollywood's audience in mind, which is really fun.

Hollywood action and superhero movies have a lot of craze in India, and this is also indicated by the 'Avangers Infinity War' which has cost Rs 200 crore in India. , Which is the highest grossing Hollywood movie ever so far in India. This week there is no big movie to compete with 'Deadpool 2', so there is a good chance for the film to shoot at the box office.

Rating: 4 stars
Director: David Lech
Artist: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and Morena Bachrin