Do this from Sunburn take care of your skin take these tips

Do this from Sunburn take care of your skin take these tips

Sun burns and tanning on skin by staying in hot sunlight in summer. In order to avoid this, skin should take special care of it. Doctor Insta's MD (Dermatologist) Punit Madan and beauty expert Shakhra Kochhar suggested these tips to keep skin safe from Sunburn:

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1. Try to avoid entering the sunlight between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., because there is strong sunlight during this period. If possible, try to avoid doing any work during this time. But if there is urgent work then go as far as possible or leave the umbrella.

2. Always use sunscreen. Do not leave the house without planting it. Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you exit and try to apply it every two or three hours. According to the skin, apply Sun Protection Factor (SPF) SPF 15 or higher SPF.

3. Even in the uneven cloud, do not forget to apply sunscreen because the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can also damage your skin from the clouds and give sunburn.

4. Do not ignore lips, ears, scalp and feet. We usually ignore the care of these organs of the body. Nowadays the SPF lip balm is coming, which you can use. Cover legs with shoes or socks, while head and ears can cover you with scarves. Do not forget to put sunscreen on your feet and ears too.

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5. Apply sunscreen when present on the beach or in the middle of water or in the water, because in the water, exposure to high sun exposure increases the possibility of sunburn.

6. After coming home from outside in summer, avoid cooling lotions or coconut oil on sunburn part to avoid sunburn. Applying aloevara on sunburn area is also beneficial. It also helps in removing tan and reducing stretch marks.

7. Include vitamins in the food. Firmated cod liver oil balances the supply of vitamin D in the body and creates immunity against sun burn.