Karnataka case: SC rejects verdict after 3-hour hearing

Karnataka case: SC rejects verdict after 3-hour hearing, said - Yeddyurappa will take oath at the appointed time

In Karnataka, the court has rejected the Congress petition against the Governor giving an invitation to form the government. After the hearing lasted for more than three hours, the court said that Yeddyurappa will swear at the appointed time. The court said that we can not issue notice to the governor. Significantly, Congress had earlier met Chief Justice of India (CJI) on Wednesday night against the invitation to BJP in Karnataka.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leaders have demanded from the CJI that they should complete the hearing on Wednesday night and Thursday only after seeing the seriousness of the matter. Following the Congress Party's demand, the hearing began in the Supreme Court at 2 am on Thursday. Which lasted four and a half hours. During the hearing, the court also questioned the grant of 15 days to prove Yeddyurappa a majority. Only after the hearing is completed the court has given its verdict in this case.

Three-judge bench of Justice AK Sikri, Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice Gobde to hear Congress and JD (S) petition challenging Karnataka Governor's decision at 1:45 am #KarnatakaElections
- ANI (@ANI) May 16, 2018

It is noteworthy that during the meeting with the CJI, Congress leaders also cited the decision of the Supreme Court's former CJI Sabharwal. The 2006 decision has said that "if a political party claims to form a government with the support of other political parties or legislators, and the governor is satisfied with majority for the formation of a stable government then the governor does not refuse to form government. And the majority can not dismiss his claim on the basis of this assessment that the majority has been acquired illegally or unethically. Any such officer Not to sail. This right will be against the democratic theory of majority rule. '

It is noteworthy that on Wednesday night in Karnataka, the Governor has given BJP YS Yeddyurappa the invitation to form the government. After this invitation, Yeddyurappa may take oath of Chief Minister in the Raj Bhavan on Thursday morning. Earlier on Wednesday evening, the Congress and JDS MLAs also met the governor and claimed to form a government in the state. During the meeting, both the parties gave a written proposal to the governor to give support to each other.

However, the Governor has also invited the BJP to form the first government. This decision of the governor has been opposed by Congress and JDS. Senior Congress leader and party spokesman Randeep Surjewala said that the decision of the governor is unconstitutional.

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