Mowgli Trailer: 'Mowgli' Will Look In New Story And New Style


Mowgli Trailer: 'Mowgli' Will Look In New Story And New Style, First Trailer Hua Release

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer of the movie 'Mowgli'. The film's director is Andy Sarkis. The story of Mowgli on the forests of India is written by famous writer Rudyard Kipling. The movie based on this is a child in 'Mowgli' which grew up with animals in the jungles. In this movie, the child named Rohan Chand is playing the role of 'Mowgli'. This time, with a new story, Mowgli will be fighting fighter with humans. This movie depicts the struggle of Mowgli in the forest this time also will be Bagheera and Balu to face Sher Khan. There is a strong dose of visuals and animations in the trailer.

In the year 2016, the movie 'The Jungle Book' meets Mowgli, Bagheera, and then a herd of wolves makes Mowgli grow up and grow. Then one day Sher Khan looks at Mowgli, who wants to take revenge from humans by killing him. To protect Mowgli in this way, all his friends like the wolf, bear, Bagheera face Sher Khan. Some such stories will also be seen in 'Mowgli', but this time there will be some different style. The film's director Andy Circus is right there, who played the role of Chimpanzee in 'Planet of the Apes'. He was greatly appreciated for this. This time he is in the role of director.


The Jungle Book earned $ 966 million from Worldwide Box Office. In India too, its very good response was found. Within three days of the release of the film in India, he had earned more than 400 million. It is expected that similar response may be seen in 'Mowgli' too.

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