Parmanu Movie Review

Movie Review: 'Parmanu' will be proud of being Indian, John Abraham's supremely acting

The story of Atom seems to revolve around the Pokhran Nuclear Test on May 11 and 13, 1998. India has emerged as a nuclear country by giving a speech to the US. This movie is definitely inspired by this incident but it has been largely fictionalized. Ashwat Raina is the son of an engineer-bureaucrat and military in the story of the film, which has a wife and a child. Ashwat is patriot and wants to do something for the country. Neighboring country is doing a nuclear test after one, under a bureaucratic meeting, Ashwat proposes that India should now also be a nuclear country and it has also prepared its design.

Further in the film it has been shown that in the meeting related to this issue, another Ashwat plan puts half incomplete plan in front of the Prime Minister, in the name of which the Nuclear Test is tried, but this attempt is taken by the United States. Sacrifice is made as a scapegoat. After three years, there is a change in the political gullers and the survivors of the lost lives are again given the responsibility of the nuclear test. You should watch the movie for what happens next.

What are the flaws

- The script is the biggest drawback of its film, in which instead of John's character was thrown into the incident, the incident was spread around John. Its treatment from above, which is very movie and Bollywood.

- Instead of family life of Ashwat Raina, if it was shown to the people who were facing the problem of becoming a nuclear country since 1948, then it would have been better. Also, the upheaval of political corridors should also be made part of the film.

The important aspects of the film were such that for the test, the brains that have been roped up or that the nuances would have been successful in achieving this test, if they were shown in detail, then the screen's screenplay would have been better. This film seems to have been made superficially, which does not have any depth.

Besides, the hard-working characters should also pay attention to the make-up and look of the characters because all the characters look untouched by the geographical conditions of Rajasthan. Songs and noises in many places makes the background score a movie of the 90s.


What are the merits

- The subject of this movie is its subject. If you go through these tests online just by going online and the whole film will move in front of your eyes in front of your eyes and you will feel that this is the exact topic for a film.

- If you have not read or have not heard about these tests, then you may like this film and keep you tuned.

- As an entertainer who wants to watch the movie for just entertainment, but if you have information then you can be disappointed with this. In many places, this movie will make you feel proud and when you see the story of the film defeating the American satellite, you will feel that why this incident is so important.

- The songs of the film are good and Melodius. Talking about acting, the work of Yogendra Tikku, Anuja Sathe and Boman Irani is very good. Marie and the film from 2.5 stars

Cast and crew

Star cast: John Abraham, Diana Penty, Anuja Sathe, Boman Irani, Vikas Kumar and Yogendra Tikku
Directed by: Abhishek Sharma
Background score: Sandeep Chauta
Music: Sachin Jigar and Vijay Ganguly