Prakash Raj told a cut of 1 paisa to the price of petrol

Prakash Raj told a cut of 1 paisa to the price of petrol, and said, tweeting this ...

After increasing the price of petrol and diesel for 16 consecutive days, the central government has given relief in it. The central government has reduced the cost of petrol and diesel by only one penny. Since then, it has been widely criticized. Congress President Rahul Gandhi called PM Narendra Modi's "childish mockery" of 1 paise reduction. Here, Prakash Raj, the famous Bollywood actor of Bollywood and South Indian films, named it 'nautanki'.

Taking light on the reduction of one penny, Raj wrote on Twitter: "The cost of petrol / diesel is a reduction in money ... should the nation's citizens be happy seeing this gimmick ... ask if it is our The money is collected. "

Earlier, Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted the NDTV video sharing, "Dear Prime, you cut petrol and diesel by 1 paise, if it is a joke, then it is childish." He further wrote, if a money The deduction is my answer to the challenge, so it is not good. "