Spiderman and Deadpool funny video song

Spiderman and Deadpool showed 'hanging' on 'Khali Bali' of 'Padmavat', video happened Viral

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's film 'Padmavat' is one of the biggest hits of 2018, and Ranveer Singh's Alauddin Khilji's role was also very much liked. Ranveer Singh had done a tremendous dance on the film 'Khali Baali' Song, and it was also quite a super hit. Interestingly, a video is being viral in which American superheroes Dadpool and Spiderman Ranbir Singh are showing tremendous shocks. In it, the dadpulls and spiderman moods are going to be seen, and it is really fun to see both the superheroes yunted.

Spiderman and Dudpun are dancing together at an event, but Ranveer Singh's 'Khali Bali' has been set on it. Of course this is a video of some other event but it has been done with great sync, and both of them are also laughing at the dance moves.

'Dadpool 2' is going to be released on May 18 in India. This superhero has been dubbed in the voice of Ranveer Singh, and because of this the curiosity has increased in the public about the film. 'Dadpool' is a spoiled superhero and also boasts a lot of abuse. This is a sequel to 'dadpool' and it is expected that this movie will be bigger and better than the first.