A case of breastfeeding woman's picture beauty and obscenity are in the eyes

A case of breastfeeding woman's picture: Kerala HC said, beauty and obscenity are in the eyes

Rejecting a petition seeking action against Malayalam Magazine for printing a model of breast feeding of a model on the cover page, the Kerala High Court said that for some people obscene things can be artistic for others. The court said that what is indecent to a person is poetic for others.

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The bench of Justice Antony Dominic and Justice Dama Sheshadri Naidu said in its order, "We are not feeling anything obscene in the picture, nor is there anything objectionable in its caption. We are looking at the picture from the very eyes that we see the paintings of artists like Raja Ravi Verma. '

The bench said, "Since beauty is in the eyes of the observer the same way obscenity is also in sight." Though the order was told in March but it has come to the people now.

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Justice Dominic has now retired. Felix M. A. in the petition Had said that the cover page of the magazine violates sections 3 (c) and 5 (j), three of the protection of children's safety from sexual offenses. At the same time, it violates the juvenile justice laws.