'Border' actor threatens to kill him against Nirahua against Salman for 'Race 3'

'Border' actor threatens to kill him against Nirahua, lodged complaint against Salman for 'Race 3'

The Jubilee star of Bhojpuri cinema was released on Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua's new film 'Border' Eid, and the film also gave a tremendous fight to Salman Khan's 'Race 3' in some centers of Bihar and UP. The film's team is extremely happy with the film's overwhelming response but bad news has come for the lead actor Nirhua. A complaint has been filed in Mumbai against threatening to kill Nirhua. Prosh and journalist Shojikant Singh of Bhojpuri cinema have recorded this conversation with Nirhua and accused them of threatening to kill them with abusive and intimidation.

On the other hand, Nirhua's younger brother and film actor Parvesh Lal Yadav, while keeping his side, said that for some time Shashikant had launched negative campaigns against 'Border' on social media. Negative things were spreading. Although he did not say much about the talks of Nirhua and Shashikant, but believed that both of them were hot-tempered.

Shashikant was constantly writing on his social media account about the recent release of Nirhua. They were giving different facts related to the film. Shashikant has recorded this whole conversation with Nirhua, and informed Nirahua about this during the conversation. The sound that is heard in this audio is being reported to Nirahua. Shashikant has registered a police complaint against Nirhua.

 Nirahua's brother Parvesh Lal Yadav says that they are also going to register complaints against Shashikant in Patna. He alleged that Shashikant had been running negative campaigns against 'Border' for a long time. There is sweat of hard work in the film, in such a way it is not right to say such things. The charges have begun and the matter has reached the police. Now Nirahua's statement is being waited.