Calories In Mango Shake Know why you should drink and why not

The happiest in summer gives two things. First summer holidays and other mango ... are mostly favorites of most people. In summer, they also bring together the strength to fight this cold weather and overcome it. We can enjoy it by adding it to the food in different ways. Mango Shake is very fond of this season. However, refining sugar in this shake can reduce its health benefits. Those who drink regularly can promote diabetes and other health problems.

According to Dietitian Vision Parekh of Delhi, without a glass of sugar in Mango Shake-

171 calories

16.5 gms of carbohydrate

7 grams of protein

8.6 g is fat.

There is 240 kcal of sugar in a whole glass mango shake with sugar.

35 gms of carbohydrate

8.2 grams of protein

7.8 gram is fatty.

Should you drink mango shake?

According to the book The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad, fruits and milk should not be taken together. The wrong selection of fruits with milk can cause problems like indigestion, gas and discomfort. According to Vision Parekh, Mango Shake should be consumed only when the mango is fully cooked. According to Ayurveda, the combination of raw fruits and milk is not well. This makes the stomach heavy and the brain starts working slow. It is good that you eat both of them separately. Yet sometimes it is ok to take mango shake, but it should not be taken regularly. If you want to drink mango shake, take it with dry fruits or with almond milk.

Sometimes you take mango shake and take it without sugar. Sugar only works to increase calories in it. That's not exactly right for those who are going to lose weight or have diabetes. Try to get the fruit of this fruit as you would like.
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