careful! Red meat can be a threat to the heart ...

The allergens that are found in red meat can align the arteries with 'allergen', which increases the risk of heart disease. This is said in a study. High blood saturated fat levels in red meat generally increase the risk of heart disease among people. This conclusion was published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (ATVB).

It states that food allergen can increase the risk of heart disease. Professor Colleen McNamara of Virginia University of America said, "The conclusion was obtained in a test conducted on a small group of people from Virginia. In conclusion, it was confirmed that red meat is an important factor in increasing the risk of heart disease.
In recent years only scientists identified the main allergen in red meat. This allergy called alpha-gul is a complex type of sugar. They came to know that Lone Star Tik, a worm that bites people consuming red meat, then produces a kind of sensitivity to this allergen in them. This is why people with red meat allergies are advised to stay away from such insects. In a recent study, researchers for the first time, a specific blood test related to red meat allergies found that red meat allergy is related to fat burning on the artery or fat on the inner layer of the artery.