Drinking alcohol at this age comes from Memory Loss

     Drinking alcohol at this age comes from Memory Loss, later this is what people do

If adolescents, aged 12 to 22 years, drink or drink more alcohol, then they may have a short-term memory loss. Because in this age, enhancing memory increases in the brain, which inhibits alcohol. This has been proved by recent research.

According to researchers including Columbia University's Michael Sailing of New York, the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) plays its role in behavior management and is mature during adolescence, drinking excessive alcohol in adolescence affects its functioning.

Researchers found that alcohol consumption in adolescence changes the properties of PFC pyramidal neurons of the brain, which connects the PFC to other areas of the brain, the properties are affected, this affects the behavior of the behavior.

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Researchers said that those who consume alcohol in adolescence, their PFC activities tend to be in trespass, due to which they have to face cognitive difficulties, and later it will be converted into activities like drunkenness, beatings, beatings is.