Father's Day 2018: Salim Khan opened the secret of the son, Salman Khan

Father's Day 2018: Salim Khan opened the secret of the son, Salman Khan

Google has created a doodle on the occasion of Father's Day 2018. Colorful dinosaurs have been introduced in honor of their father. Mother and father are the most important in our lives. There are two aspects of maternity and parenthood coins. Both are equal The roles of both are different, but no one can be less than one another. Like most of the common life, many films have been made for father's sacrifice and love in the Bollywood film industry. Apart from the film, stars have expressed love and respect for their father on many occasions. In recent days, a video of Salman Khan has been viral, in which he got special bonding between him and his father Salim Khan.

Salman Khan, who is enjoying the success of the movie 'Race 3' released on Eid, is hosting 'Ten Ka Dum' on TV. In this game show, Salman is sharing many secrets of his life. Salman Khan, father of Salem Khan, will be seen in bonding with Father Dais (Father's Day) Special episode of 'Dus Ka Dum'. The producers of the show decided to give surprise to Salman Khan on this occasion.

When Salman Khan is talking on Father's Day in '10 Ka Dum', Salim Khan starts talking about him. Salim says that he is proud to be Salman's father. On this occasion, a video message is aired, they show that they are happy to be Salman's father. They talk a lot about Salman Khan. He explains that there was a time when he had not spoken to Salman Khan for six months, but the time came when he looted his whole love on him.

 Sources on the set said, "Salman Khan had become emotional after watching this video and his eyes were moist. He expressed his gratitude on Father's Day when he was given this surprise. Salman is considered to be very emotional, but he did not stop himself from seeing this message. "Salman's next film is 'India' in which he will be seen with Priyanka Chopra.